St Peter’s, Dyrham

Part of the Parish of Doynton and Dyrham. In 2020 the parishes of Doynton and Dyrham and Hinton were joined so that although they are distinctive, they can support each other.

We exist to build a community of love in action which will draw others to the source of that love.

This is the parish church for Dyrham and Hinton despite being attached to the National Trust property, Dyrham House. National Trust visitors are welcome to visit the church and join the services.

The oldest part of this beautiful church dates from 1280. The tower was built about 1420, and the church was considerably enlarged and altered about 50 years later. At the east end of the south aisle is the tomb of George Wynter who died in 1581 and of his wife, Anne. In the church there is also a brass of Sir Morys Russell and his wife which is at least 400 years old.

The Tomb of George Wynter

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